Roll of starter paper (destocking)

5,3118,33 H.T.


The starter paper gives hygienic benefits and improves the feed intake from the first day of the chick’s life.

The noise of the paper stimulates chicks and guides them to food and water sources.

The paper absorbs droppings and prevents litter picking, the chicks stay on the dry and hygiene surface.

The paper is unrolled along the entire length of the building underneath the drinking lines.

Afterwards the feed is spread on the paper close to the drinking lines. Thanks to the noise it attracts the chicks to feed and drinking water.

Avoid infections. Promotes rapid growth. The paper degrades by itself after 9 days.
Does not need to be removed, so less handling.

Biodegradable Color:
Green or white.

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L.50X90, L.50X100, L.60X100, L.60X200, L.80X100, L.85X100, L.52X90, L.52X100, L.86X200


Vert, Blanc


D6, D9