Intermediate embossed paper second choice

4,799,58 H.T.

Embossed paper shockproof ecological 100% Biodegradable and 100% recyclable.
Use as absorbent bedding at the bottom of plastic boxes, cardboard boxes or cages for live animals. Also ideal for wedging in transport boxes or as protection for ceramic pieces, crockery, tools, bottles…


ELASTOK Protect Paper is all-enveloping, flexible and protective solution. Embossing creates lines and cushioning features ideal for protect objects of all sizes and shapes.

Possible applications:
Packaging of fragile goods (perfumes, relocations, etc.).
Packaging of mechanical/Electronic Components.

Protection of goods during shipping (e-commerce).
Tile and mosaic separators.
Porcelain industry Farming: litter in boxes and transportation of animals.
Disposable Automotive Floor Mat (protection of vehicles during detailing or service) Stabilizing and protective paper for fruits and vegetables in transport crates (as an intermediate layer or a cover).
Elastok Protect is delivered in a roll, compatible with ELASTOK dispenser box. The paper is easily cut and manipulated to the needed length. Be inventive, multiple applications possible!


Delivered in rolls L.50x100m = 50m²

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