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Fruit Logistica 2022 – A great edition for Elastok paper solution!

Thanks for you visit FRUIT LOGISTICA
Elastok team at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022

Fruit Logistica Berlin 2022: innovations always on the agenda

Nastassia, Frédéric and Florent happy to meet you!


Since the success of our Deltapad, rewarded at the same exhibition 3 years ago, our team has continued to innovate and reinvent solutions in agriculture, fruit and vegetables market.

Florent Amiel introduce you to Biofil

A real innovation for cultivation of clibing plants: tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, peppers, etc. This  100% biodegradable and compostable cellulose string is THE solution for eliminating the impact of plastic strings .

✔ No treatment to apply
✔ Maintains all types of vegetables
✔ Time saving: no need to separate your stings and your plants at the end of the crop

Florent amiel at fruit logistica berlin 2022
Nastassia Padabed at fruit logistica berlin 2022

Nastassia Padabed introduces you to Biofarm

This 100% biodegradable paper mulching film comes as an alternative to current plastic solutions. Easy to use (manually or automatically), it gives plants a stronger and earlier start.

✔ Effective chemical-free weed control
✔ Let air and water pass-through
✔ Gradually decomposes
✔ Lasts a full growing season

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