Duo Elastok Box (Rolls 10 meters)

37,65 H.T.



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3 in 1, NO MORE EXCUSES ELASTOK INVENTS PAPERBULLE To celebrate the launch of paperbulle, we are offering you our complete offer, namely 1 ELASTOK Paperbulle roll delivered in its ELASTOK BOX dispenser box and we are adding 1 ELASTOK Protect roll. ELASTOK Box is a dispenser box with side handles for easy handling. The box is sold with 1 Protect roll of 50 cm width. Refillable, you can reuse the box with the ELASTOK Protect refill, but also with ELASTOK Paperbulle. The paper is easily cut to the length you want, for a fast and efficient experience. L.50x50m

Additional information

Weight 15,5 kg
Dimensions 45,5 × 42 × 110 cm


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